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Welcome to a site that will open your mind, ears, eyes and hearts
to a world where we can all communicate with the animals!

Communicating with animals is not just about having a fun conversation with your “pet”, although that element exists.
It is about seeing the world from the animal’s perspective, and not just seeing, but sensing in every possible way.
Feeling what it’s like to walk gently on the hot, sandy earth or to roll in the long, cool grass.
Finding out what it means to be a lion, or even an ant, what it is like to soar through the air on feathered wings.
Sensing the emotional as well as the physical needs of all animals.
Feeling what the animals really feel about humans, not what you think or assume they feel.
Knowing and sensing the deep connection you have with all of nature.
 Knowing that your animal friends, be they cats, dogs or tigers, feel what you feel
and can help you understand how you need to be in the world in order to be happy
and healthy together.

Wynter Worsthorne - Animal Communicator

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Global White Lion Protection Trust © Mpumulanga, South Africa in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust This is the most popular of all the Journeys offered by Wynter and the White Lions. 4 days and 3 nights spent at Tsau Conservancy, learning the subtle art of interspecies communication and guided by the star [...]


I found Wynter’s course to be both magical and demystifying. I truly clicked into the ability to quickly connect to my heart space and the zero point field, downloading with ease – and getting all sorts of detailed, often bizarre, information from a variety of animals. From a live dog to a photo of a living cat, a passed over dog, a living, moving horse and a now passed baboon too. Wynter was a delightful, and gentle, teacher and I felt that the combination really worked of staying over and fully immersing, combined with getting into our bodies through movement with Kathy’s Juice!
Sue Northam, Shaping words and ideas
The Weekend retreat at the Living Art Farm was absolutely refreshing. Wynter’s gentle nature calmed me immediately. The group was perfect. The combination with the dance…was sensational. The weekend not only taught me how to speak to animals but it put me in touch with my inner self again..
The venue was amazing and the food …. truly from Gaia.
A weekend…what I would imagine “heaven” to be like!
The crux, for me, was the unconditional love that animals just have for everything. It overwhelmed me. I realized the power of this love and that it does, indeed exist.
I may be able to connect with my animals I do notice that they are different around me,
Kathy’s sessions integrated well into the weekend. I enjoyed how they complimented the content as well as providing an opportunity to move o that you don’t stay stuck in your chair all weekend.
Thank you, everybody!
Amanda Foster
Hello Wynter,

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, my animal communication skills have grown immensely since participating in your correspondence programs. I am looking forward to continuing this journey with your advanced program, it sounds exciting!

Maureen Manning, Paws for SynerChi

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