The most important thing I have learnt from my work with the animals is to Celebrate!
Celebrate Life, celebrate love, celebrate every good thing that happens in the world.
Without that energy of Joy and celebration, we are lost.

Yolandi from the White Lion Trust sent me this image recently and it reminded me again to celebrate. It was taken during the 2014 White Lion Leadership Academy. My group had just been communicating with a wild hyena who had been caught in a snare, and we were encouraging him to go into a trap cage, so that he could get veterinary attention and the snare removed. After this very serious visualization exercise, we celebrated with song and dance, in the African way. On a sand dune along the river bed in alignment with the Nile meridian.

Celebration and Joy is the key to successful communication with animals. When we are asking an animal to behave in a way that would be contradictory to their wild nature, so that they can receive help from humans, we need to trust that they have heard the message, let it go and then know that we have created the energy for the best possible outcome and then…. Celebrate!

The outcome of the hyena story was that he went into the trap cage, had the snare removed and was returned safely to the wild to join his pregnant mate. You can read the full story here.

Hyaena at the box trap

Webcam photo of the injured hyena investigating the trap cage

Its all about Balance


This message from the great lion Elder, Mandla that he gave to me a few years ago reaffirms that:

“… There is such joy when everything is in balance. We all need to focus on the balance because it is there. Mother Nature is always balancing the scales. This is what this life is about, getting the balance right. When you feel dejected or depressed in your work and want to stop and escape, remember balance is there. Feel it. Feel the joy that is there in the robin’s song, in the lion’s roar and the cricket’s call. I too get tired and my heart aches when I am not allowed to walk the land because of human laws. I know both, I have been imprisoned and I have been set free. I have learnt how to be a wild lion again. It was not easy, sometimes it is still difficult. But, I am forever grateful for this freedom given to me by Linda and all the light people, the lion people who work with her to ensure my and my family’s freedom. I know that when my physical body goes, my spirit will move in connection with the stars in the sky and the underground river of stars flowing beneath Tsau! lands.”

Mandla has since left his physical body, but his spirit is still strongly felt on the lands, with his sons Matsieng and Zukhara carrying on his legacy.

Create and UPROAR for OUR Lions


Another reason to Celebrate this month is for the One United Roar(OUR) Campaign.

CITES, the Convention for International Trade of Endangered Species meets in September, here in South Africa, to decide the fate of species across the world. There is grave danger of the African Lion being down-listed from “threatened” status to “animals of least concern”. Even more worrying is that in South Africa The proposed down-listing of lions would be by DEA (Dept. Environmental Affairs) in accordance with the Lion Biodiversity Management Plan (LBMP) of NEMBA (National Environmental Management Biodiversity Act), and not CITES, and can still occur if lions are on CITES Appendix II as threatened.

We will not allow this to happen. so let’s CELEBRATE. If you are under 21 you can add your talent and share the message from the lions to CITES and the world.

The talent challenge is being launched today, 22nd August. See the website for all the details and how you can enter: www.oneunitedroar.org or go to the Face Book Competition Page
Please share this far and wide so the youth of the world can ROARRR and CELEBRATE for lions and all of nature.

More reasons to Celebrate:

Celebrations for Janine

Huge Congratulations are in order for Janine Morris Opheim, who has been my right hand person for my Online Academy Student Forum. She has become certified as a professional animal communicator through Animaltalk Africa Online Academy after many years of dedication to this work.

She will be assisting me in 2 workshops in Norway in October. Click here for more information.

Lorraine Turner, who qualified last year shared this message with my online students:

“There are so many animals and humans waiting for you to make that connection. Be all the love that is inside you and live with a passion of purpose. Each of us is a blessing to this planet, how lucky are we that a joy beyond our imagination awaits! Keep practicing knowing Wynter, along with many other professionals, all began by taking a step and making a commitment…to self.”

If you feel ready to take the leap and follow your heart for the animals, take a look at the possibilities:

Animaltalk Africa Online Academy

Wynter and Safaya in Wales

As mentioned in my previous newsletter, Jerome Flynn, patron of the White Lion Trust has invited me to teach at Trefacwn, a beautiful coastal retreat in Pembrokeshire, Wales. I will be joined by my colleague and fellow Course facilitator, Safaya Salter. This retreat is the perfect way to leave behind the rut of everyday life and re-awaken your ability to communicate with nature and to deepen this practice. Click here for more information.

White Lion Leadership Academy

The 2016 White Lion Leadership Academy takes place in November, for four and a half weeks of total immersion into the African Bush, learning how science and sacred science work hand in hand.

Click here for more information.

Star lion Journey

In January 2017, I am embarking on another Star Lion Journey in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust. This trip is 7 days at Tsau Conservancy, with the Royal Prides guiding you to tap into your innate ability to communicate with all species, and includes an excursion into The Kruger National Park.

Please email info@starlionjourneys.org for more information.

Where is Biggles?

Following a recent occurrence of popularity for my book “Where is Biggles?” I now retain a stock in the UK so that it is easier and faster to supply hard copies via post to people in the UK and Europe. Send an email to info@animaltalkafrica.co.za if you are interested in ordering a copy (GBP 15/EUR 20 incl postage)

Thank you all for your support and your love for the animals.

With much love and Many African Blessings and Celebrations!