photo by Lee Saudan taken at Tsau Conservancy

photo by Lee Saudan taken at Tsau Conservancy

Looking back on this year, I realise I have had very little time to write and send my usually regular newsletters. My work has taken me on incredible journeys, and these have not been alone, but with special people who have committed in different ways to reconnect with the animals and nature, to start understanding them on a deep soul level. Thereby transforming the great separation sickness from which humanity suffers, to a sense of belonging and connection.

I’d like to thank my lion family for the insights and wisdom they share whenever I visit, which has been blessedly frequent this year. I have found such incredible support from them and all of nature. This year has seen much pain and loss for many people that I have been in contact with. I too have mourned the passing of dear friends, both animal and human.

A clear message I recently received when I was helping a friend who’s canine companion was pining for the loss of her father, was “Find the JOY in the pain.” Nature and the animals, wild and domestic, have shown me how this is possible. When we connect beyond the physical and see the miracles that happen every day, we are able to be in the joy and not let the pain consume us.

I invite you to join me next year on some more incredible journeys to see how you can start communicating with the animals, and achieve deep understanding of all the beings with whom we share this world.

For those who can’t travel to do physical journeys and workshops with me, I would love to meet you online with the Animaltalk Africa Online Academy, which has really come into its own this year… Here is what one of my students had to say on completing the introduction course:

Thank you for making this world better by offering this course! Thank you for all your guidance, support, and understanding. The content of your course is more interesting and enriching than any other studies I’ve done so far.
Your course has changed my life and made me a better person. 
I feel I can contribute to the “light” of this world, because you have shown me how to understand animals, nature, and myself. I have learned how to meditate and now I’m enjoying the benefits of re-connecting to the universe.  
I am thankful that my path was guided to ATAOA, where you enlighten people and produce balanced individuals who are able to contribute to a better world.”
Dr Borbala Molnar from The Netherlands

Click here to see more information about the Academy 

I look forward to meeting you, if not in person then over the cyber waves in 2017.

I wish you all a blessed festive season with your loved ones, furred, feathered, scaled or not so furry.

Wynter W

Upcoming workshops in early 2017

There are 3 places left in the January Star Lion Journey.
Tsau Conservancy, South Africa
16th – 22nd January


7 days in the magical lands of Tsau Conservancy,  where rare white lions roam free, with their golden family, in a protected area of their endemic homeland. Wynter leads you in the basics of interspecies understanding, while the lions and other wildlife assist you in deepening your memory of the connection you have with nature. This is an experiential workshop and is in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

For bookings please contact Sarka on

For more information on Star Lion Journeys please visit

Introduction to Interspecies Communication

Noordhoek, Cape Town, South Africa

4th & 5th March
6th March – Deepening your Practice


Many of you have been asking for a Cape Town workshop, and we have finally confirmed dates. This workshop is suitable for all levels, those who are completely new to Animal Communication, and those who would like to brush up on their skills. Wynter will also be offering a 3rd day of deepening your practice, for people who want to explore further depths of this work. We will have the resident domestic animals as our guest teachers for this workshop.

To book please contact Trisha on

Introduction to & Deepening your Interspecies Understanding

Prague, Czech Republic
6th – 9th May


Wynter will be teaching once more in the beautiful city of Prague. This four day workshop is split into two sections for beginners and returning students, with the option to attend one or both, depending on your experience. The workshop will be held in English and Czech.

For more information and bookings please contact Sarka on