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The good, the bad and the ugly

Well, it has been quite a start to the New Year. January has rushed by like a whirlwind, bringing up all sorts of things in the conservation world out of the woodwork. Last month we held a wonderful Journey to the White Lions, where my group and I experienced...

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It’s Time to Celebrate!

  The most important thing I have learnt from my work with the animals is to Celebrate! Celebrate Life, celebrate love, celebrate every good thing that happens in the world. Without that energy of Joy and celebration, we are lost. Yolandi from the White Lion...

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Wild Whispers

Over the next year or so, my workshops are focusing on the wildlife which is so critically endangered at this time. Although CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species: has a list of animals and their vulnerability status, this is...

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"Science now shows that plants appear to be sentient beings. They perceive light, smell, touch, water, and many more variables than we do. They can learn, remember and communicate." - Kenny Ausubel, B...

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Animaltalk Africa and Animal Talk Italia combined to create this beautiful event. A huge thank you to everyone who worked hard to make this so special, and to all who attended, especially our wonderful animal friends. Grazie Mille. ... See MoreSee Less

Un sincero ringraziamento a tutti coloro che sono venuti convegno internazionale organizzato da Animal Talk Italia e che ha visto la straordinaria partecipazione di Wynter Worsthorne. E' stata una ser...

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