We are excited to be hosting Webinars on Interspecies Communication, with experts from around the world. This means you can attend mini workshops and talks right in the comfort of your own home. These webinars are interactive with Q&A sessions on a miraid of topics related to the subject of interspecies communication.

The webinars are recorded so if the live webinar has already taken place you will still be able to listen to the Replay.
Please note there is usually a small fee levied to attend or access the replay of the webinars.


Animal Communication for Children, our Planet’s Future Ambassadors

with Lorraine Turner

A webinar for children (ages 8 and over) and adults – a TEAM effort.

Ever wonder why animals seem to connect so easily with children?

Perhaps it is the pure and simple truth that children BELIEVE that the animal understands them, and rightly so.

The animal kingdom is calling out and wishes to teach the future ambassadors of our planet—our children are their hope.

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“Spirit Talks with Anna & Wynter”

Having known each other and worked together in the field for over 10 years, Anna Breytenbach and Wynter Worsthorne get together to share their experiences and the knowledge that they have received from the animals during this time. This will be a series of monthly talks on various subjects, where you will learn how to easily and effectively bring interspecies communication into your life.

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If you missed the first “Spirit Talks with Anna and Wynter” which was held on Jun 18 2017, you can still Register to watch the REPLAY. 


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