7 Days Rest and Reweaving Wholeness 2024

7 Days of Rest – Reweaving & Wholeness – 2024

Join us as we move deep into our hearts to listen for guidance from the animals during the first week of 2024.

You will be guided into your own meditation and can then listen to the messages received by these two experienced inter-species communicators.

Wynter and Pea will come together to be present with the animals, sharing their messages live with you each day.

7 Days of Rest 2024
Start your day at 9am UK / 11am South Africa, you are invited to join us live for 15 minutes to listen to the animals.

This is part of the 7 days of Rest event, each day will focus on the relevant theme.

Each session will be recorded, so please register even if you cannot make the time live.

FREE Live 15-minute Sessions on ZOOM
1st – 7th January @ 9am UK (11am South Africa)
with Pea Horsley and Wynter Worsthorne
sharing messages from the animals