African wildlife organisations & projects

Wynter is passionate about assisting African wildlife, to this end she works closely with the following wildlife organisations, supporting where she can.


Global White Lion Protection Trust


Wynter has worked with Linda Tucker of the Global White Lion Protection Trust for over 20 years. She has been a core facilitator for the White Lion Leadership Academy since its inception. She has been bringing specialised groups to visit the Trust since 2015 and has since founded the “StarLion Journeys”, which can now be attended virtually.  

You can visit the home of the Sacred White Lions with Wynter here:

Learn more about the Linda Tucker Foundation


African wildlife - White Lion Protection Trust

Baboon Matters Trust

Wynter has a long association with Baboon Matters, and has had much practical experience working with these fascinating animals who live so closely alongside humans – often in situations fraught with conflict, because of the misunderstanding between the species. As a Trustee, she helps with advocacy and general communications with the baboons to assist in creating harmony for people living in close proximity to them.

Learn more about the Baboon Matters Trust


African wildlife - Baboon Matters Trust South Africa

Elephant Reintegration Trust

The Elephant Reintegration Trust has been established by four passionate individuals with the vision & dream of developing an elephant refuge reserve in South Africa which will provide a secure wild environment for retired, commercially used elephants from various captive environments. 

See how Wynter started working with Elephant Reintegration Trust when she met the Elephant Matriarch, Modjadji.
Read story here.

Learn more about the The Elephant Reintegration Trust


African wildlife - Elephant Reintegration Trust

Dolphin Care Africa and World Cetacean Alliance

World Cetacean Alliance Partners are all working at grassroots level, running charities, businesses or working in their spare time to protect whales and dolphins.

Although Wynter no longer takes groups to visit the dolphins of Ponta D’oura, she continues to support their outstanding conservation work

Learn more about The World Cetacean Alliance & Dolphin Encountours Research Center.


African wildlife - Dolphin Care Africa and World Cetacean Alliance

I am Elephant

Follow film-maker, Rachel Dunn, as she follows the call of the elephants from Thailand to Africa.
Find out what happens when she meets animal communicator Wynter Worsthorne and they both travel across Africa together to meet an elephant called Modjadji.
What they find is beyond what they ever imagined.

Learn more about this amazing project.

I am Elephant & animal communicator Wynter Worsthorne

Animals are Talking

Are you listening?

Filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, Animals Are Talking follow Wynter Worsthorne, an Animal Communicator recognized internationally for her work.  In production.

African wildlife - Animals are Talking film with animal communicator Wynter Worsthorne
Animaltalk Africa - learn how to talk to animals and all species with Wynter Worsthorne

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