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Animal Communication Animal Communication & Intuitive Interspecies Communication

Just what is animal communication?

Every thought, feeling and intention is a physical energy with its own frequency.

By becoming “in-tune” with those energies, animals (including human animals) are able to connect with and understand each other, even different species, on a subtle yet deeper level.

In this way humans and other animals are able to effectively communicate with eachother. The field that connects us, and through which the communications flow, is the vital energy frequency of unconditional love.

This is not “new age” thinking, but stems from ancient tradition. Indigenous people from all over the world have been working with nature in this way since the beginning of time. This was the original way of the world, when a human being was just another animal fitting in the circle of life, at one with all. It is the natural way that all animals and even plants communicate with each other in order to co-exist in harmony on this planet.

Then something happened to cause a great separation between man and nature.

There are many, many traditional stories about the beginning of time and what happened to cause this separation, ranging from the Christian view of the Garden of Eden, to the bushman view of how man disobeyed the creator by using fire without his permission.

In all these stories there is a similar vein running through: humans were punished for not listening to the creator, and were separated from nature. Over the centuries we seem to have become more and more out of tune with the natural world and with animals who look and behave differently to ourselves.

We have been conditioned to believe they are dumb beasts who cannot communicate, and do not understand us; that we are and need to be dominant over them.

We have forgotten the common language whereby all other species communicate: the silent language of intuitive communication; a language of empathy, emotions and feeling; a language of the heart.

animal communication - the silent language of intuitive communication

We are all born with the ability to communicate in this silent, intuitive way.

As we get older and more conditioned to using logic and the spoken word, unless it is consciously cultivated, we slowly lose the innate skill of trusting our intuition, our “inner knowing”. Interspecies communication is about trusting our inner voice and being conscious and aware of our thoughts and feelings.

Positive intention, following our hearts and working with unconditional love and respect in everything we do, is the key to effective animal communication.

Positive intention, following our hearts and working with unconditional love and respect in everything we do, is the key to effective animal communication.

Meditations with Wynter

Guiding you in the subtle art of animal communication –
7 Meditations to enhance your connection with the natural world around you. 

This is Wynter’s original collection of meditations and visualisations exercises recorded when she first started teaching. 
This timeless collection has been assisting people to tune in with the animals and nature for over 10 years. The  beautiful healing sounds of the late Chris Tokalon, take you on a journey into the transformative world of interspecies communication.

This collection is available as a Digital Download for $10


A FREE series of beautiful audio meditations.

Wynter invites you to take around twenty minutes each day to allow yourself to spend this time with the animals and Nature: Being, Loving, Transforming, Experiencing- for yourself and for the animals.

Each day focuses on a different theme, each of which is meaningful and transformative, connecting you deeply with the one-ness of all beings, sharing support and love.

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