Events & Workshops

Humanity Rising – IIC – The Language of the Universe.

Wynter Worsthorne is convening a series of speakers who use Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC) in their daily lives. They use this to navigate the world as we know it, understand how to co-exist harmoniously with all species and create positive transformation. From protecting sacred animals and wildlife, to communicating with microbes and the elements, IIC is an essential part of life and our future on this planet.

The third World Biodiversity Forum

We are excited to announce that Wynter Worsthorne is one of the plenary speakers at the upcoming third World Biodiversity Forum, held in Switzerland, which brings together researchers across all disciplines of biodiversity science with practitioners and societal actors to explore how to move from science to actions and solutions to conserve biodiversity and set us on a path towards transformation for sustainability.

A Virtual StarLion Journey

Nature Communication with HEART - 3rd to 6th May 2024
A four-day on-line journey with live, interactive sessions - Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation
You are invited to join a HEART journey to listen to all beings of Nature for guidance on positive action for yourself, the environment, and the planet. The White Lion Prides who roam in protected areas of their endemic homelands, guide you on this journey.

A Virtual H.E.A.R.T. Journey to Cape Point

Since we started our Virtual StarLion Journeys, there have been many requests for similar journeys to other sacred spaces in Africa.
We are pleased and excited to invite you to join us for our first Virtual Journey to the Cape Point Reserve, part of the Table Mountain National Park. A sacred site at the tip of Africa, where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans meet.

World Lion Day 2022

The 10th of August marks World Lion Day. A day where people turn their thought to the majesty of these animals who are used as icons of wealth and power the world over.
Today we ask you to share in our grief over what is still happening to the lions in South Africa.

Animal Energy World Conference

Wynter is pleased to be invited to speak at this year's Animal Energy World Conference.

This is a live event- Wynter will be speaking on Sunday 15th March @ 9:00 BST ( British Summer Time)
Her talk about using Heart Energy to Achieve Real Transformation includes a HEART meditation.