7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal

7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal – REPLAYS


These FREE Live Online Sessions were held each day on the 1st – 7th January 

with Wynter Worsthorne and Pea Horsley
sharing messages from the animals

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Join us as we move deep into our hearts to listen for guidance from the animals during the first week of 2022. You will be guided into your own heart connection meditation and can then listen to the messages received by these two experienced inter-species communicators.

Wynter and Pea come together to be present with the animals, sharing their messages.

The intention is to receive guidance on how to support Mother Nature and the Animals during these transitional times.

This is part of the 7 Days of Rest event for 2022, each day will focus on the relevant theme (read more below).


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7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal, January 1-7, is a global co-creative event dedicated to seeding the New Year with a coherent field of rest and intention for the healing of Earth and all her inhabitants.

This open event provides an opportunity for participants around the world to unite at this pivotal moment in time and to focus our collective energy on renewing ourselves and our sacred bonds with each other and with all of Life.

7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal is the 5th annual event that builds on all the previous years in laying the foundations for a New Era of Love and Wisdom in Action.

You can explore the inspiring field that has already been co-created over the years on the website. Every year carries a unique vibration, as does each day. This year is dedicated to Sacred Renewal and the poster below shows the 7 themes that offer inspiration for the different days.

7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal schedule

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