Virtual StarLion Journey October 2022

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The next Journey is happening in October, and it would be wonderful to have you with us. If you have been thinking about it, but are unsure about how it would work for you, please watch this call where you can ask any questions and hear from past participants as we share experiences and information.


A Virtual StarLion Journey21st – 24th October 2022

with Linda Tucker and Wynter Worsthorne
in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

From the comfort of your own space, join us on a journey to meet the White Lion prides, and their golden family, who roam free in protected areas of their endemic homelands.

You are invited on to listen to Nature and the animals for guidance on positive action for yourself, the environment, and the planet. Each day you will visit the Heartlands, home to the sacred White Lions of Greater Timbavati. Immerse yourself into the lands each morning as you are taken on a “virtual” bush-drive to the White Lion prides roaming freely in their protected spaces.

During our time together you will learn how to work with guidance from Mother Nature, lead by the lions, to achieve positive transformation on every level. 

Over these days we will be:

  • Learning how to connect with Wild Nature to find out what is needed from us at this time.
  • Receiving information on a way forward, personally and globally, during this time of transformation.
  • Co-creating the vision of the future according to Nature’s guidelines.
  • Forging the way for this, and future groups, to achieve change.

The White Lions are revered by indigenous wisdom keepers as being the holiest animals on earth. They are known to be sacred messengers from God.

The message of the White Lions is to bring balance and right relationship with Nature to earth at this time. A message of peace and unconditional love.

Wynter has been leading small, specialised groups, focused on Interspecies Communication, to visit the project since 2005. The virtual journeys are an extension of this work and make it possible for all those who are called, to connect with these beings and to support all of Nature.

Join Wynter and Linda Tucker, founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, on an unforgettable journey to the HEARTLands.

The Global White Lion Protection Trust is dedicated to the conservation and protection of White Lions who occur naturally only in this region.

What people are saying:

“Thank you Simon, Wynter and Linda for another amazing experience.

I was so aware of a deepening of experience by doing the Star Lion Virtual Journey again.

Also I look forward to the opportunity to be part of future Star Lion Virtual Journeys (who knows if I will ever get to Heartlands in person!) I find these a supportive touch base.”

Sue Gould, UK, Participant in VSLJ, Nov 2021 & March 2022

“…Once the Journey began, I felt I was coming home to my sacred purpose. Wynter radiates humility and grace as she guides the HEART Pride to join together to support the White Lions in their homelands and ALL of Nature…”

Gail Clement, USA, Participant in VSLJ, Nov 2020 & March 2022

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