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Animaltalk Africa is proud to offer online courses where the consideration of the ethics and professionalism of Intuitive Interspecies Communication (IIC), more commonly known as Animal Communication, is foremost.

Our Flagship Courses

The three core courses in Intuitive Interspecies Communication – Introduction, Intermediate and Practitioner Courses –  are designed to take you from an Introductory Level all the way through to Practitioner Certification.

These are all hosted on our dedicated Online Academy Learn site, where you also have access to webinars, mini courses and free offerings.

take animal communication courses with Ubiquity University

A New Partnership

Animaltalk Africa is incredibly excited to have partnered with Ubiquity University in a ground-breaking initiative to take Intuitive Interspecies communication to the next level of learning. When you complete your Practitioner Certification with us, you are eligible to go on to study for a Master’s and even a PhD degree in IIC with Ubiquity University. This is the only program in the world that offers this accredited post-graduate option.

About our Courses


Regular group conference calls, one-to-one mentorship and personal guidance from Wynter, helps you to step into this natural way of communicating with other species, easily and joyfully.

You will have access to mentors who are there to guide you throughout this journey.  In the online student community forum you will share experiences and gather support from fellow learners.


Animal teachers are available for practice, and regular practice sessions are organised by Janine.
The Academy also offers additional free webinars, live talks and min-workshops with Wynter. We are adding new mini courses all the time.

In your own time and space, you can learn how to be still and connect, how to communicate with all beings, all through the energy of unconditional love.


Completion of all 3 courses qualifies graduates to become part of an international community of qualified Intuitive Interspecies or Animal Communicators to be placed on Animaltalk Africa’s list of ethical and reputable animal communicators.

This will allow practitioners to advertise their services, and to be recommended to clients by Animaltalk Africa.

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Our 3 main courses

Introduction Course

This introductory course will help learners achieve a better understanding of the concept and history of Animal Communication, and understand that Intuitive Interspecies Communication is about getting in touch with all of Nature and connecting with our natural selves.

Learners learn to better understand Life Energy, the energy of the heart, which connects us all and to understand how to effectively communicate with other animals.

Learners will have opportunities to practice communicating with different animals in many different circumstances. These practice sessions include tracking missing animals and communicating with animals in spirit.

Animal communication Introduction course

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Intermediate Course

This Intermediate course is designed for those who have completed the Introduction Course to Animal Communication. By this stage learners will be familiar with their own unique process of communicating with all animals. Now is the opportunity to communicate with other species in Nature such as the plant beings, and even the mineral and elemental world. In this next level learners gain confidence in their work and overcome any fears or challenges about using their skills, finding their purpose, and how best they can work with the knowledge base they have developed..

This course guides learners through some very deep processing and inner work. Students are encouraged to start finding their own case studies to practice with, and to put themselves out there on different forums and physical communities, preparing for the Practitioner level. Regular practice is essential in building self-trust and trust in other species. Practice sessions opportunities are part of the course content.

Intermediate course on Animal Communication

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Practitioner Course

This course prepares learners for the Practitioner’s certification, guiding them towards becoming a professional animal communicator/IIC Practitioner. Learners will have to submit 24 successful case studies on their way to earning this certification.

On its own, Animaltalk Africa’s Practitioner Certificate is a one-of-a-kind specialization that provides learners with theoretical and practical experience in animal communication. Honing this innate skill enables you to truly grow and gain confidence in many aspects of life in general. Listening to the guidance of the animals and Nature helps to gain insight into how the world could be, with all species living and thriving together in an eco-centric model, rather than the current ego-centric way of being.

Become an animal communication Practitioner

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A Price Increase for our 3 flagship courses will come into effect on the 10th July

  • Students signed up before End of June, will still be able to purchase further courses at old price until October 2024.
  • Payment plans offered
  • Special prices for NGO’s and Non-profits.

See pricing details on the Online Academy website.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Online Courses

How does it work?

The Academy has a dedicated site where all course material can be accessed and downloaded at any time. Assignments and feedback are all submitted through the site. Each student receives their unique username and password and all correspondence through the site is completely private and secure.

How do you deliver the Course Materials?

All course materials are available from the dedicated Academy site where they can be downloaded, printed or worked with directly on-line.

How do I submit Assignments?

Assignments are submitted through the site and interactions with the facilitators all happen in the same place. With your unique username and password, you can access your studies from anywhere in the world.

How long does a course take?

The time it takes to complete a course is entirely up to you and is determined by your available time and dedication to the course.

The Introduction course can take anything from 2 months up to a year or more, again depending on how much time you dedicate to it.

Can I connect with other Students?

The new site has in-lesson dedicated Discussion boards where you can ask questions, share experiences, practice your animal communication and connect with a global community of fellow students and other practitioners.

We also have a Practice and Discussion section where you are able to practice your animal communication skills and where past students and mentors give you support and encouragement along the way.

How else can I connect with the facilitators & students?

Regular group webinars with Wynter and other facilitators on various subjects help keep you on the ball with your studies, alongside monthly practice sessions facilitated by graduate student Janine Morris Opheim.