7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal

SA Conservation Policies Must Ensure The Protection Of Wild Species & Biological Diversity

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Over the last six weeks all wildlife welfare organisations, including Animaltalk Africa, have been virtually consumed by the task of submitting comments on two important draft policy documents around conservation released by the South African Government.

The two documents are the “The Draft White Paper on Conservation and the Sustainable Use of South Africa’s Biodiversity” and ” The Draft Game Meat Strategy”

These were our focus for the Global Prayer for Lions held on the 30th August 2022.

You can assist by signing this important petition in support and endorsing our submissions.

Animaltalk Africa is dedicated to listen to the animals and act in their best interests. By engaging with government we can be the representative for the animals as important stakeholders in environmental decision making.

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Last month IKSHA Council called for a month of grieving before we started engaging with government.

IKSHA Council is a council of indigenous healers who are calling for justice for Nature. The Indigenous Knowledge Systems for Heritage Animals Council, are calling for true feeling and for all of us to look deep into our hearts, break them wide open so we can receive clarity on the way forward.

Click on the image below to read their submission to government.