communicating with animals during lockdown

Webinar – Communicating with your Animals During Lockdown

Hosted by Wynter Worsthorne


During these strange and interesting times, Wynter has been receiving messages from the animals on how to “BE” with them during this time of enforced isolation. Whether you have animal friends living with you or not, this webinar teaches you how to connect on a heart level to all beings. 


About this Webinar

Wynter shares what the animals want from you at this time, on a personal and individual, as well as a global level. The animals can give you tips on how to stop the walls from closing in and how to enjoy this alone time. 

It is also important to be able to communicate to your animal friends why the daily routine has changed. Perhaps you are not able to visit special friends, or not even go out for a walk with your companions? 

Join this webinar to help you and your animal friends be more at ease during this time.

Please join us for this Webinar – Free, or “pay what you can” to support our work.