A Virtual StarLion Journey

10th – 12th November 2023

A Virtual Journey to connect, communicate
and co-create positive transformation.
Live, in-person sessions.

Welcome to our first “into Africa” Virtual Journey.
This is a live interactive journey with Wynter and all the wild beings she and Simon met and connected with on their overland adventure through Zambia and Malawi.

You will experience a full immersion into “real” Africa where there are no physical fences. The animals, human and otherwise, reside in shared circumstances. This allows you to truly be at one with all species who decide to come forward – and a multitude arrive!

The journey starts with introductions and group intention settings for the journey. Each morning you will go on a virtual visit which lasts about an hour, where you can observe, connect, communicate and listen to everyone who shows themselves.

We briefly come together after the visit, and then regroup later in the day to workshop and discuss the experiences and how to work with the information received. Wynter shows you how to work with HEART Energy to Achieve Real Transformation.

Join the journey to hear what the wild ones are saying and see how YOU can make a positive difference.

You can view the full itinerary with times in the Free Preview (see the button at the top of this page).

50% of all fees go towards the HEART Pride a collaboration in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.