communicate with all cats

3 Webinar Series

Learn how to effectively communicate with all cats.


In the first informative video, Wynter speaks about her experience communicating with cats- big and small. Learn how, through intuitive communication, you can get to the root of any issues you may be having with your cat. Wynter shares information that she has received from cats from a lifetime of communicating with them, and the last 20 years of working as a professional Interspecies Communicator.

As a follow on to the first lesson, Wynter focuses on the specific subject of transforming aggression between cats into acceptance, tolerance and peace. Find out why cats fight, and how, through interspecies communication, you can facilitate harmony in a multi-cat household.

The last of the series focuses mainly on feral cats, and how to work effectively with them, whether they are visiting your property, or you are actively helping a colony.


 FEE: 30 USD