Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation

What is H.E.A.R.T?

Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation.


When we communicate with animals, the energy we focus on is the energy of unconditional love. This is also called Heart Energy, and we work with the Heart Energy Field in order to connect with and “tune in” to the animals’ wave-length.

This works with all animals from ants to elephants, but it also works with every element of nature and it is how we also connect with “source”, the one-ness of all.

By working with our Heart Energy, we listen, then act to Achieve Real Transformation.

When we connect with Mother Nature in this way, we can receive information from her.

By receiving information about the current state of the world, our role in it, and what we can do to start transforming the world into a more balanced state, we can be shown what the positive possibilites look like and take physical action to help it manifest.

Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation

Join the HEART Pride

From the initial Virtual StarLion Journey in July 2020. Twenty pioneering animal communicators formed what is now known as the HEART Pride. We have now opened up the HEART Pride to a wider community. You are invited to join the HEART Pride, to continue the supportive work that has been started. Supporting not only the White Lions and the Trust, but other global issues that come to our attention. Visit our new membership platform to see all the ways you can join and be in service to Mother Nature.

The overall message throughout the journey was “we are stronger together”.

FREE H.E.A.R.T. Webinars – Tuning-in to Nature

At the end of 2019 Wynter decided to gather people regularly in order to work with the H.E.A.R.T. process on various different issues.

In each session Wynter leads you into a connecting meditation where you can tune in to the focussed species or issue, in order to receive guidance on co-creating a solution and bring about balance.


Who are the StarLions?

Indigenous knowledge tells of the white lions who came from the stars to bring a message to human-kind.

These ‘Star Lions’ manifested on earth in the lands of “Tsimba- Vati” – directly translated as the place where the Star Lions landed. This place is now known as the Greater Timbavati Region in South Africa.

Wynter has been assisting the Global White Lion Protection Trust, a project that merges traditional science with Sacred Science, since the beginning of her career as an animal communicator. The blend between physical, on the ground work and the spiritual knowledge of the indigenous people, make it a perfect project to work hand in hand with animal communication.


Since 2005, Wynter has been bringing groups to Tsau Conservancy, home of the StarLions and base-camp of the Global White Lion Protection Trust in the HEART of the Greater Timbavati area.. Here they spend time in the presence of the free-roaming wild white lions, learning about animal communication and how to connect with nature on a deep heart level.

With the transitions of 2020, Wynter and the AnimalTalkAfrica team, successfully created the Virtual StarLion Journeys, and with the assistance of the Star Lions, started implementing her H.E.A.R.T  method – Heart Energy Achieving real Transformation.

Visit our StarLion Journeys site to learn more.

Heart Energy and the White Lions
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