In line with the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA), 4 of 2013, as well as our privacy policy and other applicable laws and compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements, (we/us – Animaltalk Africa.co.za) must process personal information of data subjects within the ambit of regulatory requirements.

When we deal with you and/or the juristic entity that you represent (the entity), we may process your personal information, and/or the personal information of the entity with which we are establishing or continuing this business relationship. This means that we may perform any operation or activity or any set of operations in relation to the services to be rendered by us to the entity, whether or not by automatic means. Our processing includes collecting, receiving, recording, organizing, collating, storing, updating or modifying, retrieving, altering, consulting or using your and/or the entity’s personal information. We may also disseminate such personal information, distribute it or make it available in any other form; or merge, link, restrict, degrade, erase or destroy your or the entity’s personal information.

To establish or continue our business relationship with the entity, and to offer it services, you and the entity give us consent for the following:

To process your and the entity’s personal information for any lawful or reasonable purpose.
To collect personal information about you or the entity from a third party when reasonably necessary or when it is impractical to collect the data directly from you.
To not disclose all sources and purposes of collection to you, unless you ask us to or when the law requires it.
To send your personal information or that of the entity outside South Africa or to third parties, subject to the law.
To process your special personal information or that of the entity only as and when necessary.

You have the right to do the following:

To ask us to confirm, free of charge, whether we have personal information about you or the entity.
To ask us for the record or a description of the personal information that we have about you or the entity.
To ask for information about the identity of all third parties who have, or have had, access to your or the entity’s personal information.
To ask us to correct or delete your or the entity’s personal information.
Withdraw your or the entity’s consent at any time by notifying us of such withdrawal. (Please note this may affect our business relationship and our ability to offer services to you and the entity).
Object to us having your or the entity’s personal information,
Complain to the Information Regulator about your or the entity’ personal information in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act.


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