Webinar – Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation


A H.E.A.R.T. Gathering

This is the 3rd H.E.A.R.T Gathering and we are focussing on the messages from the White Lions at this time. Join Wynter Worsthorne and Linda Tucker to connect in with your heart, to listen to the messages from Mother Nature’s ambassadors and help to achieve positive shift in humanity for the Earth during this crucial time of transformation.

It is time to end the destruction of the Earth, and celebrate in the rejuvenation of our planet.


A guided meditation with Wynter helps you to connect with the White Lions in order to receive their message.

Linda Tucker, keeper of the White Lions speaks from the HEART of White Lion Territory.

In Support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

If you haven’t already, please donate generously to this organisation who is working tireless for the protection of not only the White Lions but all lions, and in turn all of wild nature.


FEE: Free, but please Donate to link above.

NOTE: This Webinar is a part of a collection of H.E.A.R.T. webinars

In each session Wynter leads you into a connecting meditation where you can tune in to the focussed species or issue, in order to receive guidance on co-creating a solution and bring about balance. Register below to watch them all.

Each on-line gathering will focus on a particular area where transformation is desperately needed. This will restore balance and clear the grey fog of unconsciousness to reveal the stream of universal intelligence that we are part of. This is a field that we are able to tune into in order to renew ourselves and the planet.