A Star Lion Journey

Nature Communication with HEART
3rd to 6th May 2024

A four-day on-line journey with live, interactive sessions

Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation

You are invited to join a HEART journey to listen to all beings of Nature for guidance on positive action for yourself, the environment, and the planet. The White Lion Prides who roam in protected areas of their endemic homelands, guide you on this journey.

This is our eighth Virtual Journey to the HeartLands, home to the sacred White Lions of the Greater Timbavati region in South Africa. You are given the opportunity to immerse yourself into the lands each morning as you are taken on a virtual journey to the prides, who roam freely in the protected space of the Global White Lion Protection Trust.

You will have time to connect, listen and communicate with the land and all the Nature beings who greet you in this virtual space.