7 Days of Rest & Sacred Renewal

May 13th to 15th 2022


Wynter is pleased to be invited to speak at this year’s Animal Energy World Conference.

This is a live event- Wynter will be speaking on Sunday 15th March @ 9:00 BST ( British Summer Time)

Her talk about using Heart Energy to Achieve Real Transformation
includes a HEART meditation.

The Keynote Speakers for the Conference
(TIMES are BST):

Dr Rupert Sheldrake, UK. – 13th May @ 11am 
Research on the Unexplained Powers of Animals

Dr Thornton Streeter, US. Mexico/UK. -13th May @ 2pm
Advances in Distant Healing & Screening for Animals

Dr Bradley Nelson, US. – 14th May @ 3.30pm
Helping your Animals with the Body Code

Guest Speakers for the Conference

Loesje Jacob, Canada. – 14th May @ 2pm
‘Linking Awareness ~ Intercellular Communication ~ A Healing Journey’

Kate Neligan, US. – 13th May @ 3:50pm
‘ How to bring more Heart & Healing to your Animal Partners’ – live from a Ranch in Colorado, US!

David Hicks BVSc. MRCVS. & Sara Fell Hicks BA (Hons) – 13th May @12:10
‘OVAID’ Charity, UK – ‘Pushed to the Edge’

Cindy Engel PhD, BSc. UK. – 15th May @ 2:10 pm
‘ How Animals Keep Themselves Healthy in the Wild’

Wynter Worsthorne, South Africa. – 15th May @ 9am
 ‘H.E.A.R.T – Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation’

Nayana Morag, Portugal. – 13th May @ 9:30am
‘The 5 Element Character Types’

Stuart Wilson, UK. – 15th May @ 10:55 am
‘Spirit & I’ :includes live demonstration on site.

Karen Ryan, Canada. – 14th May @ 1pm
‘ Radionics for Animal Healing’ : Soft, Gentle & Kind-interactive session.

Lisa Tully, Ireland. – 14th May @10:45am
‘ Your Animals Healing You’ – including interactive Meditation.

Caroline Thomas, UK. –  15th May @3:10pm
Capturing the Essence of the Conference-Creating a Unique Essence ‘ AnimalLove22’.


Visit Orangutan Veterinary Aid  and view the chosen charity of 2022.



  • All tickets include Bonus Gifts which you have access to on purchase and more are added as more speakers join us.
  • Extra Bonus Gift if you couldn’t join in 2021- FREE All Videos of ‘live’ event from our Keynote & Guest Speakers to download with over 20 hours viewing!
  • All include recordings 2022 following the event (approx 1-2 weeks after).
  • And limited copy of commissioned artwork for 2022 of the Orangutans, commissioned by Caroline Thomas for us all.