H.E.A.R.T. for Farm Animals

Vervet Monkeys in Wilderness – the Garden Route, South Africa

The last few months have been a time of going quiet and leaning into Nature as much as possible. What has been coming to me is that everything is about BALANCE.

Since moving to the Garden Route in South Africa, I have become involved in the local Conservancy, which is committed to creating a space of harmony between people and Nature. The deeper I’ve got involved the more aware I have become of the increased development, fear and anger within the community environment that is infusing this beautiful wild space, that we call “Wilderness”.

On top of that on a National level in South Africa, there is the proposed trophy hunting quotas for Elephant, Leopard and Rhino (yes Rhino!) put out by our Minister of Environment. These quotas are incredibly high and stuck in an old paradigm of consuming Nature for the benefit of a few individuals and to the detriment of the whole.

The imminent start of Shell’s seismic exploration of the Wild Coast of South Africa has become a hot topic. There are no less than five Marine Protected Areas that fall within the proposed exploration site of the project. Even though the rules have changed since the contract between Shell and the SA Government was signed and agreed to in 2014, they are still being allowed to go ahead, breaking all of the current environmental rules.

Shell’s seismic exploration of the Wild Coast of South Africa

Oceans not Oil – sign the petitions below.

Finding the Balance


So, how do we find the balance, the joy, the opportunity in these issues? A combination of Sacred Action and Heart Energy is the key.

On an Action Level:

  • Find a project or an organisation that you are intuitively drawn to and who you know are making a difference in whatever area you feel passionate about. Research and feel into how you can support them.
  • When you come across a petition that calls to you, sign it, but also write a letter to the authorities making your voice heard- comments and objections from individuals have to be taken into account whenever governments have made a decision which affects their constituency.
  • Join a protest or start your own. Do something physical that is addressing and creating awareness about a situation that is unacceptable to you. It has come into your awareness for a reason.
  • Work with prayer and guidance from Nature to support every action you take.

Not all of us are ‘shout-out-loud’ activists, but if you are reading this, I have no doubt that you feel compassion and passion for our wild places and the animals with whom we share this beautiful planet.


On a HEART level:

Positive visualisation and prayer is incredibly powerful, especially when you connect with Nature to find out what is needed.
When you combine Heart and physical action, miracles happen. When we come together as a group to do this, it is even more powerful.

Gregg Braden’s experiment on prayer and meditation around crime gave us a statistic which gives us hope: the square root of 1% of the population is the number of people needed to influence that population.
i.e.: a population of 900 will be influence by the prayers of only 3 people. You can read about it in his book “The Divine Matrix”.

Lynne McTaggart has been doing an intention experiment very successfully since 2006. It is ongoing and the results are remarkable. Her book “The Intention Experiment” explains how it works.

Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation


More and more people are coming together to do this HEART work.
My H.E.A.R.T. method (Heart Energy Achieving Real Transformation) focuses on how to serve Mother Nature and our beautiful planet in the best way possible.

All we need to do is connect to the emotion of love and compassion, without fear or anger, and then send it out to Nature. We then ask “How can I assist, or how can I serve?” and see what comes into your consciousness. We can then co-create a positive way forward.

Introduction to Animal Communication and H.E.A.R.T.