Featured Event - Water Messages from Animals

(Photo © Baboon Matters Trust – with thanks)

Wynter Worsthorne (AnimalTalk Africa) and Pea Horsley (Animal Thoughts) have been asked to collaborate and host a discussion concerning messages received from animals and Nature.
This event is being hosted in the “Uniting For Water” room.
It will include a “WORLD-FIRST”. Pea and Wynter will be voicing communications from animals in dialogue with one another. We will be the voices for their messages to be shared, for them to answer or question one another, for them to enter deep dialogue about water, life, love, or whatever it is they feel drawn to share. These messages will be shared LIVE, without planning, in full surrender and openness to the Animal Kingdom.
By being present for this live event you may also receive the communication at the same time the animals are expressing it. You may also receive your own individual knowing or guidance on next steps to take in respect and sacred action for yourself and kindred spirits of the web of life. 

Thursday 24th June

10am(EDT), 3pm (BST) and 4pm (CAT)