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Ecocivilisation Wings: Interspecies communication and conscious living with Nature

Join us for a discussion and collective vision of an ecocivilisation where we live in harmony with all of nature and her beautiful creatures.

Wynter Worsthorne and Linda Tucker discuss the following topics, hosted by Eleftheria El Kakambouras.

The questions explored are:

➡ What does living in harmony with nature entail?

➡ When we do co-exist in harmony with nature, how does it impact our psyche?

➡ Can we communicate with other species?

➡ What wisdom can we learn from nature’s resilience in dealing with climate crisis?

➡ Do we have examples of experiencing this already?

➡ What paradigm shift needs to take place in order for us to relate to nature with respect and love?

In an Ecocivilisation we not only honour our biosphere and protected wild spaces but we see it as a vital organ of the whole to thrive, which we as human beings belong to, are inextricably connected to and share symbiotic relationship with.

We’ll be discussing the pivotal role Wild Life, especially the White Lions play in cultivating a healthy regenerative ecosystem and how we can live in communion with Nature Now through inter-species communication.