7 Days Rest and Reweaving Wholeness 2024

Please join Wynter and a panel of experts for this free series of online talks.

Humanity Rising – Intuitive Interspecies Communication – the Language of the Universe.

When:  13 – 17 May 2024  

Times: 5pm CET & CAT / 4pm BST / 8am P.T. daily

Intuitive Interspecies Communication is truly the Language of the Universe.

By becoming fluent in this language we can assist in creating positive transformation for all beings. Each speaker will be sharing how IIC has become an essential part of their lives, from protecting iconic species, to assisting in soil regeneration and achieving harmonious co-existence in all aspects of life.

Monday 13thWynter Worsthorne, Founder of Animaltalk Africa, and Linda Tucker, Founder and CEO of the Global White Lion Protection Trust, open the week in discussion about the importance of IIC in Wildlife Conservation.

Tuesday 14th – Wynter Worsthorne guides you in the subtle art of Intuitive Interspecies Communication, a skill innate in us all.

Wednesday 15th – Dr Saskia von Diest, Founder of Eco-Fluency and Wynter discuss Communicating with the visible and invisible, with inner and outer landscapes

Thursday 16th – Christine Noble Seller discusses her work around IIC Advocacy for and with Nature

Friday 17th – Eleni Gkikakis, Founder of Interspecies Peace, closes with Wynter in a discussion about Communicating with the elements and other beings (Interbeing Communication).

All sessions are hosted by Jim Garrison, President of Ubiquity University.

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About the Speakers

13th May 2024 - Panelist Speaker

Linda Tucker – CEO and Founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

The Importance of IIC in these times and the Wisdom of the White Lions.

Throughout the last 30 years of conserving and protecting the sacred White Lions of the greater Timbavati region in South Africa, Linda has always looked to Nature and the lions first for guidance on every step of the way. The messages received from Nature and the lions informs every practical decision in a successful conservation organization. She shares the wisdoms gained from the White Lions themselves and how positive leadership with Nature as a guide is so vital in these times.

In 1991, after being rescued by a Tsonga medicine woman from a dangerous encounter with a pride of lions, Linda Tucker gave up a career in international marketing and fashion to become a conservationist.  Since then, she has dedicated her life to the urgent protection of the critically endangered White Lions, regarded as the King of Kings by African elders. Despite their rarity and cultural importance, the White Lions have no protected status and may be trophy-hunted in the wild and in captivity. Linda founded the Global White Lion Protection Trust, a leader in community-based conservation, after nearly 10 years of intensive research on both the cultural and conservation importance of the White Lions in this region.

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14th May 2024 - Panelist Speaker

Wynter Worsthorne – Founder of Animaltalk Africa

IIC – remembering how to listen to Nature and the Animals.

Through the energy frequency of unconditional love, we are all able to communicate with other species. It is a birthright , an ancient indigenous skill, that many humans have forgotten. Modern world conditioning has made us forget the true nature of our connection with all of Nature. Wynter guides us in remembering this innate skill, how to re-establish that connection, and consciously communicate with all beings.

Wynter Worsthorne is South Africa’s most respected International Animal Communicator and Teacher offering online courses and workshops in animal communication. She has been working as a professional Intuitive Interspecies Communicator since 2001, and pioneered the teaching in South Africa, her home country. Wynter is passionate about assisting African wildlife and she works closely with various wildlife organisations. She has been intimately involved in addressing issues related to harmonious coexistence between humans and other animals, working in the field with Baboons, Lions, Elephants, and others. Wynter is a founding member of WAPFSA, the Wildlife Animal Protection Forum of South Africa, which focuses on advocacy and positive change.

Her organisation, Animaltalk Africa was founded in 2005 and teaches all aspects of IIC from short courses to practitioner certification. In 2019, Wynter developed and started teaching the H.E.A.R.T. method, working with Heart Energy to Achieve Real Transformation for Nature, with Nature. This initiative led to the formation of the HEART Pride, a dedicated group that supports wildlife, animals, and all of Nature globally.

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15th May 2024 - Panelist Speaker

Dr Saskia von Diest – Founder of Eco-fluency

Communicating with the visible and invisible, with inner and outer landscapes

As intuitive interspecies communication gains more attention, including in academia, a more holistic and inclusive view of Nature communication is needed. While most experienced animal communicators know that dialogue is possible with more than animals, plants, ancestors and elementals, it’s time that we include the possibility, practice and power of communication with ALL of Nature. There is great potential for healing and spiritual co-evolution when we also include the voices of those who are too small to be physically seen by us without instruments or technology (e.g. bacteria, electrons, and regional landscapes), or invisible because they exist beyond what our physical eyes can perceive in the electromagnetic spectrum (e.g. nature spirits, ghosts, and extra-terrestrials). If we are to co-create our future in harmony with the rest of Nature, we’ll need an expanded lexicon and worldview of what is possible in the broader field of communication with Nature.

Dr Saskia von Diest has been communicating with various forms of Nature for 11 years. With 15 years’ experience in teaching and facilitating in various countries, she loves creating opportunities for individuals and groups to connect and communicate with Nature’s healing power and practical wisdom.  

She has a PhD in plant pathology, and a background in post-doctoral research on how intuitive interspecies communication is used in agriculture. She is also trained in Family Constellations and in the Way of the Warrior Healer. She founded Ecofluency in 2021, to consult, teach, and facilitate Nature communication experiences, for individuals, groups and organisations, and to promote other voices in this field: ecofluency.org  

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16th May 2024 - Panelist Speaker

Christine Noble Seller

IIC Advocacy for and with Nature: A Call to Action

The Rights of Nature (RoN) movement has been growing since 1972. The question of how to truly listen to the voice of Nature has proven challenging in the existing paradigm. How do we represent and include Nature and Nature’s rights if we don’t know how to communicate with Nature? Intuitive interspecies communication (IIC) is an innate capacity shared by all animals, including humans, which facilitates interspecies understanding and cooperation with the natural world. Globally, IIC is gaining recognition as a transformative method across numerous sectors. An increasing number of individuals and organizations are integrating IIC into animal advocacy, welfare, and conservation efforts.

This panel invites participants to explore how the integration of IIC can empower the co-creation of more inclusive advocacy for and with Nature every day. A new project will be announced to support this call to action.

Christine Noble Seller’s mission is to raise awareness and foster understanding of intuitive interspecies communication (IIC) and its profound benefits for animals and Nature worldwide. Based in Canada, Christine has been a professional interspecies communicator and advocate for animal welfare since 2014. She envisions a world where humans communicate, collaborate, and co-create with the natural world through IIC. Her international involvement includes serving as a Board member and consultant for Giving Animals Voice, a nonprofit ensuring shelter animals have access to professional communication services. Additionally, she is a founding member of The HEART Pride, an alliance between Animaltalk Africa and the Global White Lion Protection Trust fostering positive global transformation. Through her volunteer efforts, Christine has raised over $20,000 for ethical animal, wildlife, and Nature organizations.

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17th May 2024 - Panelist Speaker

Eleni Gkikakis – Interspecies Peace

Communicating with the elements and other beings (Interbeing Communication)

How can we understand and be prepared for the actions and movements of the physical Earth as she undergoes the changes that we are being warned about? Eleni shares her experiences with fire, water and other beings of Nature, and how to feel safe in this transformational world.

With over two decades of dedication, Eleni has become a prominent advocate in fostering deep connections between humans, animals, and Nature. She fervently believes in and works towards Interspecies Peace™. This led to her establishing the Interspecies Peace Foundation, promoting a world of mutual respect and harmonious coexistence. 

Her commitment to this cause is further enriched by her continuous learning and involvement in global conservation efforts. Eleni is a proud graduate of the Academy for LionHearted Leadership and CoreLight’s New Paradigm of the Heart training, where she honed her skills in Intuitive Interspecies Communication and Sacred Activism. Her collaboration with esteemed organizations, including The Jane Goodall Institute, highlights her dedication in conservation and rehabilitation efforts. 

Eleni’s journey is a testament to the power of listening with the heart and respecting the intrinsic value of all life forms.  By sharing her insights and experiences, Eleni inspires us to embark on our own journeys of discovery and connection, advocating for a future where harmony and peace prevail across all species.

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