Communicating with Insects

Webinar – Communicating with insects, spiders, snakes and other uninvited visitors to your home.



Have you been frustrated by armies of ants congregating in your kitchen, and no matter what you do, they don’t go away? What about spiders that come in for shelter and you are terrified of them? If you are living close to Nature, snakes and scorpions may find their way inside, scaring you and your family and perhaps putting your domestic animal friends at risk.

In this webinar you will learn how to overcome your fears of these wild beings and communicate with them so that they are encouraged to safely leave. You will be able to understand why they have come into your home, what to do on a practical level, as well as how to create peace and harmony on an energy level.

Wynter will also speak on how to be at harmony with the insects who make growing vegetables challenging.

Why insects, spiders and snakes come into your home

Wynter discusses the practical and other reasons why insect beings may come into your space. Usually there is a message they are bringing to you- once the message is received, they will no longer bother you.

Facing your fears

Wynter shows you how to examine the reasons behind your fear of certain Nature beings, especially when they seem to be invading your home.


A guided meditation to help you connect and communicate with all Nature beings.


 FEE: 10 USD