Interspecies Communication and Sacred Activism

Webinar – Interspecies Communication and Sacred Activism

This is a recording of a past Animaltalk Africa webinar.


How does Interspecies Communication tie-in with being an Activist? Wynter speaks about her experience of both, and how Sacred Activism (a term coined by Andrew Harvey) is vital for success in bringing about positive change.

Connecting with the animals and Nature for mutual support

Most activists use the energy of their anger to “fight” against those who are perpetrating cruelty and violence. Through connecting with our hearts to nature and the animals, with their energy and support, we can channel the anger, transforming it in order to create positive change. This is true Sacred Activism. Being conscious in your activism means that you are not alone, and are able to act with love to create peace and progress.

“If you hold an anti-war rally, I shall not attend. But if you hold a Pro-Peace rally invite me.” Mother Theresa

The Bridge

Through interspecies communication we are able to be the true voice of the animals. By listening to them, envisioning what is needed, we can manifest positive change through prayer and action.


Wynter guides you in a meditation to help transform your anger and frustration into active love. We connect with the divinity of Nature, whatever you may perceive that to be, for support and guidance.

 FEE: 10 USD